AFRO Tour 2014

Afro Tour 2014

Hello friends and strangers we are touring this July starting from the UK to Malta! we have got new clothes and shoes ready to get messy with the rain comiing from the what? ok we all know it, stop wasting the water by doing a clean in general, wash street by street and buy giant sprayers for trees, rain should be there for a drink out! If that is not making sense so far, just give it time.. the government knows where the rain is coming from and they won’t use it to water the plants until professor karlbridge wrote a letter of initiation and the plants got fed and watered accordingly. this matter has changed the world to a better place.. talk to sullivan he knows about it!

Come to a show to meet Sullivan the Afro .. pick a gig in your location and see you soon!

Abducted T-Shirts and CD’s will be available at the shows.