Cable35 Live Sessions & Fungus Tour

We are the cable guys and we rock! cause the rock is strong and the strength is coming from the rock! as we all have learned there are different types of rocks and layers, normally you can find this kind of information browsing on the internet, sharing ideas and that.. so what is the point here?

Well! we got to Malta had a permeable gig at Zion under the tents with some reggae vibes! The place was full of happy faces and we all lived happily ever after just because beer was pouring, the bands (nosnow/noalps, Juno and the wolf & Cable35) were performing a thunderstorm and the weather was fine!

Coming back to the UK and the day is now much shorter, ohh what a waste, when did the sun decide to change shifts? what a fuk in racer! I guess we have to go with the flow! Next on was Doncaster at the Vintage Rock Bar, it all started with some sensational music coming from the DJs.. songs like ‘lady in red’, then we go downstairs and Rob the caveman was playing our music! heyyy!!

I couldn’t believe my ears so I started scratching the walls, acting like a buffalo and snorting my snot. I then realised that better behaviour was necessary so we put the gear on stage and prepared for the knockdown, we were third on the bill and the place was filling up bit by bit, we started our set and everyone was upstairs listening to ‘Lady in Red’! what a shame! then the song finished and we could see a group of lovely people downstairs enjoying the sound of the rockerss! thankyou very much! see you next time!

We’re up next this Friday 15th in London at Monto Water Rats, it’s gonna be a night with maltese bands – check out this event for more info – Malta Takes London – Feel free to come down and mosh it out!!

Fungus Tour 2013

SAT 02 NOV – Zion, Malta

FRI 08 NOV – Vintage Rock Bar, Doncaster, UK

FRI 15 NOV – Monto Water Rats, London, UK

THU 28 NOV – The Shed, Leicester, UK

FRI 29 NOV – The Gallery, Loughborough, UK

DEC 07 DEC – Trades, Rotherham, UK

SAT 14 DEC – Santiago Bar, Leeds, UK

SAT 21 DEC – The Green Room, Hertfordshire, UK

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