Tramlines Festival in Tiger Works

We are playing at Tramlines Festival in Tiger Works this Saturday 20th July (west street, Sheffield) were gonna stop the robotic natural insertions and turn that to a big flow of of balanceed equatics. if you’re around say hi and give it a jump ! This is the line up and timings for the day;

12-1pm THE VERALS (Rock)

1-2pm LEFT AJAR (Rock)

2-3pm FLY ON BYRD, FLY ON (Minimal Rock)

3-4pm BEFORE WE ARE (Alternative Rock)

4-5pm SOUL SHREDDER (Melodic Metal)

5-6pm THE WINNEBAGOS (Hard Rock/Grunge)

6-7pm CHAYSER (Rock)

7-8pm CABLE 35 (Rock)

8-9pm GOAT LEAF (Rock)